Ready To Get Started?

If you want to Reclaim Your Life we offer a 10 week online programme for you to work in the comfort of your own home with support from us without needing to visit a therapist.

This ‘Fast track to emotional intelligence’ programme is the equivalent to seeing a therapist for 20 sessions.

Our most powerful techniques developed through years in working in clinic. We will empower you to overcome emotional difficulties, deepen relationships in your life, release pain from the past and feel confident about the future.

We will teach you how to:

  • Own And Express Vulnerability
  • Self Parent Yourself and Self Reflect
  • Direct Communication To Improve Relationships
  • Dynamic Meditation and Mindfulness
  • NLP For Confidence
  • Tailored EFT For Emotional Release
  • Structured Affirmations With Techniques To Empower The Subconscious

10 Module course (over 12 hours of video) including:

  • Week 1 - Introduction And Getting Started
  • Week 2 - Overcoming Fear
  • Week 3 - Embracing Emotions
  • Week 4 - Finding Your No And Using It
  • Week 5 - Finding Gratitude For Yourself
  • Week 6 - Falling In Love With Yourself
  • Week 7 - Developing Inner Confidence
  • Week 8 - Diving Deeper Into Emotions
  • Week 9 - Releasing The Past, Reclaiming The Future
  • Week 10 - Applying Everything To Your Life