4 Reasons You Should Buy From Us

1. We are the leaders in our field. Qualified Kinesiologists, Nutritional therapists with counselling qualifications, we have been in clinic for over 7 years working alongside the NHS. We created Balanced Wellness in 2008 and have worked with thousands of women helping them overcome emotional difficulty and health problems and we are passionate about helping you too!


2. We are authentic and honest. We both have our personal experience of reclaiming our own lives. Claire has overcome postnatal depression and PDSD after the birth of her child and Laura has overcome anxiety and low confidence. We know how you feel and we are so thankful to be able to share the tools that helped us overcome our own personal demons


3. This programme really works! Everything we offer you has been tried and tested (testimonials)


4. Its affordable at only £247. Rather than visiting a therapist and spending weeks and a lot of money dealing with emotional issues, you can take your time, in the privacy of your own home


We want you to join if you are really ready to overcome the emotions that are holding you back

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